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Constitution Rio Grande Chapter of TASO-Football

Article II Purpose

This organization shall be known as the Rio Grande Chapter of the Texas Association of Sports Officials - Football, a division of the Southwest Officials Association, Inc. A Texas non-profit corporation, dba Texas Association of Sports Officials, hereafter referred to as TASO.


Article II Purpose

The purpose of the Association shall be to foster and promote national and international amateur sports competitions in the game of football by:

(a)          Advancing the ideals of good sportsmanship and fair play through

               qualified officiating in football and respect for the authority of

               football officials at all levels of competition:


(b)          Providing educational programs to advance the skills of football

               officials at all levels of competition


 (c)         Conducting public information programs that will encourage an appreciation for the skill and                    competence of football officials

 (d)         Placing special emphasis on developing concepts of good sportsmanship among the youth of                  the nation, both as competitors and as spectators

 (e)         Conducting studies and analyses of football rules to identify sources of officiating problems                      and seek solutions in cooperation with appropriate rule making bodies:

 (f)          Developing and maintaining a membership consisting of experienced and capable football                         officials whose integrity is above reproach and who are actively engaged each year in                               officiating games.

(g)          Fostering a high standard of ethics, encouraging fair play, sportsmanship, close cooperation,                     and better understanding among officials, athletic representatives, coaches, players, athletic

               directors and the press.


Article III Area serviced by the Rio Grande Chapter

The area serviced by the Rio Grande Chapter is comprised of Cameron, Hidalgo, Starr, Willacy, Zapata, and Webb Counties, and any other area that might be assigned by UIL.

Article IV      Affiliation with TASO

The Rio Grande Chapter is governed by the Constitution and By-laws of TASO. The TASO Constitution and By-laws take precedence over the Rio Grande Chapter Constitution and By-laws.

Article V      Officers-Board of Directors

(a)          The officers of the Rio Grande Chapter shall be a President, 1st Vice-President, 2nd Vice                             President, a Secretary and a Treasurer. They shall be elected and hold office as provided in the                 Constitution and by-laws. The Secretary and Treasurer will serve two years terms.

 (b)          The Board of Directors shall total fourteen members, to wit five officers, eight directors                             without office and the immediate Past President.

 (c)          The secretary may appoint a recording secretary to take minutes at regular meetings and to                      help the secretary with reports as necessary. This position is a non-board member position.

Article VI     Election of Officers and Board of Directors

(a)          The President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President., Secretary, Treasurer and Board                                 Members shall be elected by majority of the members present at the first meeting in the                           month of November, to take office on January 1st of the ensuing year.

(b)          The retiring President shall automatically become the Past President and serve on the board                     of Directors for the following year.

(c)          The members in each of the five divisions established by TASO Football shall elect                                       representatives to serve the Board of Directors. Each of the Division representatives shall be                   elected by majority of the members present in their division at the first meeting in the month                   of November to take office January 1st. Board Members are as follows: Division 1- 2                                   Representatives, Place 1 and Place 2. Division 2­ 2 Representatives, Place 1 and 2, Division 3- 2                 Representatives, Place 1 and 2. Division 4- 1 Representative, Division 5- 1 Representative. If                     there is no one eligible to serve on the Board of Directors in a particular division, then the                         membership will elect the Director or Directors at large so there will always be five directors                   other than the officers.  Place 1 is odd numbered years and serves two year terms and Place                   2 even numbered years and serves a one year term. One board of director to represent Laredo                 area and have full Board privileges. He will be elected by Laredo area membership and will                       serve a two year term.

d)           The President, 1st Vice President, and 2nd Vice President, will be elected on the yearly basis.

               The Secretary will be elected for a two year term on odd numbered years. The Treasurer will                   be elected for a two year term on even numbered years.

(e)          The nominating committee shall give its report for the membership's consideration the last                      meeting in October.

(f)          The nominating committee chairperson will be in charge of the election process under the                        direction of the Board.

(g)          Any member may make nominations from the floor, and nominations shall not close as long as                any member wishes to make a nomination on Election Day.

(h)          A Board member replacement will be appointed by the President, but must be approved by a                    majority of the board. When a Board Member has three unexcused absence the Board may                        elect to have him replaced.


Article VII General

The qualifications for membership and the duties of Officers and Directors and such regulation as may be necessary and proper for the conduct of business and affairs of the Rio Grande Chapter, TASO shall be provided for in the By­ laws; such Bylaws serving as an addendum to the Constitution.

Article VIII Amendments to the Constitution and By-laws

(a)          The constitution and By-laws may be amended at the first meeting in the month of November                   by an affirmative vote of three fourths of the votes cast, providing that at least 25% of the                         regular membership votes online.

 (b)          Any proposed amendments must be submitted in writing to the Chairman of the Constitution                    Committee no later than the 15th of October.

 (c)          Elections may be performed online and Chapter members in good standing with TASO and Rio                 Grande Chapter are eligible to vote.

(d)           The election will be open for online voting on the 2nd Sunday of November and close on the                      following Thursday. Nominating committee will report to the chapter the results via e-mail.




Article I President

The President shall preside at all meetings of the Chapter and of the Board of Directors. He shall conduct all negotiations in behalf of the Chapter in conjunction with the Secretary and shall make every possible effort to further the policies adopted by the association.

Article II Vice President

The Vice President shall perform the duties of the President in his absence or inability to act. He shall serve as program chairman, parliamentarian, and work with the chief training officer for the association. He will be responsible to implement the programs as provided by the training officer.



Article III 2ndVice President

The 2nd Vice President shall perform the duties of the President in case of the absence of the President and Vice President and assist in the training of new members under the direction of the training officer.

Article IV Past President

The Past President shall perform the duties of the President in case of the absence ofthe President, Vice President and the 2nd Vice President.


Article V Secretary

The Secretary shall handle all replacements of varsity game officials as required.

The Secretary shall diligently investigate all complaints against members and shall present to the board of Directors all evidence he may produce. The Secretary may be requested to handle certain other business as directed by the Board of Directors. The Secretary has the authority to communication with Athletic Directors or Coach as need to ensure coverage of all games and any other business that might be required.

  (a)        The secretary will be paid a fee for his services at a rate set by the Board of Directors, not to                     exceed five thousand dollars provide funds are available. It is recommended he be paid a fee                   per game assigned.

  (b)        He will be paid from the General Fund Account, provided fund are available.


Article VI Treasurer

The treasurer shall have charge of collections and disbursements of all fees and dues authorized by the Chapter and shall place all receipts of the Chapter into two funds from which disbursements shall be made. He shall carry the funds of the Chapter in a bank in the name of the Chapter and shall issue checks from this fund.

(a)          The Treasurer will be prepared to make written reports of revenues and expenses at all                             regularly scheduled chapter meetings and Board of Directors Meetings.

 (b)         The Treasurer will be required to be bonded. Rio Grande Chapter will pay the bonding fee.

 (c)          The Treasurer will be paid a fee of five hundred dollars per year.

 (d)          The Treasurer will be paid from the General Fund Account, provided funds are available.


Article VII   Training Officer

 The training and programs will be set up by the Training Officer. He will be responsible for providing programs and trainings to the Vice President and 2nd Vice President to implement. He will work closely with them to ensure that the programs and trainings are presented to the Chapter membership.

(a)          A Training Officer must have at least 15 years “ experience” as an official or as approved by                      the Board, if less than 15 years.                                                                                                              (b)          The Board of Directors will take applicants until December 31st. The Board will decide during                    the first Board meeting of January who will be the Training Officer.

(c)           The Training Officer must not be a standing Board Member or Officer.

(d)           The Training Officer will serve a two year term.

(d)          The Training Officer will be paid five hundred dollars per year and will be paid from the                               Training and Retention Fund.

Article VIII Board of Directors

(a)          The Board of Directors shall act in an advisory capacity to the President.

(b)          The Board of Directors shall have full power to adopt all regulations to govern its own                                 deliberations within the framework of the Constitution and by-laws.

 (c)          The Board of Directors shall have full power to act and pass on all matters pertaining to the                     Association.

 (d)         The Board of Directors will serve as the Ethics Committee and will take whatever actions are                   necessary on ethical matters. Matters will be decided by majority vote.

Article IX Membership

(a)          Regular members: Every football official who is a member of TASO is eligible for regular                          membership in Rio Grande Chapter TASO.

 (b)         Every regular member shall be required to pass the examination on football rules and                              mechanics as prescribed by TASO.

 (c)         No member shall be allowed to work varsity games until he has worked a total of at least ten                  (l0)sub-varsity games and passed the football rules test as directed by TASO. He must satisfy                  the Board of Directors that these requirements have been met.

(d)          Membership shall be classified as Division I, Division II, Division III, Division IV, and Division V.                    Division I and II, members only shall be allowed to hold office, but any regular member may                      vote if in good standing.

(e)          New members will be defined as a new member from his or her initial year.

(f)           To be a member in good standing, all requirements promulgated by TASO and the local                               chapter shall be fulfilled.

(g)          Knowingly officiating UIL football games at any level with other than fellow TASO - Football                      members is strictly prohibited, and grounds for suspension and/or forfeiture of membership.

(h)          It is recommended that all members have an email address and phone number

(i)            Members must pay TASO state dues before becoming eligible to be activated on assigning 

.              software.

(j)            Members shall not drop assignment to take other assignment except for a Varsity Game.

Article X Dues

(a)          The membership year shall begin annually on January 1st and end on December 31st of the                     same year. Members who have not complied in paying chapter dues by February 1st, will not                   be eligible, nor will be sanctioned to call varsity or sub-varsity games until their dues are paid.                 There is a $20.00 late fee for dues received untimely.

(b)           Dues for local membership shall be determined by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.                     Dues and penalty are subject to change depending on the financial condition of the Chapter                       and become due on December 31st of the current year.

(c)          The membership of a member who fails to comply with the provisions of (b) by the end of                           December shall expire at that time.

(d)          After January 1st of any year, an expired membership may be reinstated by procedure                              confirming with the provisions of TASO guidelines (b) with approval of the Board of Directors.

(e)          New local members will pay local dues as determined by the Board of Directors.

(f)           A member who fails to pay local dues shall not be allowed to work varsity or sub-varsity                          games until dues are paid. The Crew Chief (Referee) will be directly responsible to the                                Secretary and Treasurer that all members of his crew have paid all required dues prior to the                   first selection of officials for varsity games. The Crew Chiefs, (Referees) may pay any dues                         owed by any member of his crew thus ensuring that all his crews are members in good                             standing.  The Crew Chief (Referee) will report any crew member who has not paid to the                           Secretary so that person may be replaced with someone who is in good standing. If a crew                       chief or member of his crew, whether knowingly or unknowingly, works a game for which they                 are not eligible, then they should appear before the ethics Committee for disciplinary action.                     This could include but is not limited to such things as a monetary fine, loss of a future game,                      etc.

(g)          The Referee must turn in a Referee application and all crew members must sign the                                   registration.

(h)          Any member's check returned by a bank for any reason will be assessed the fee, if any, the                       bank charges the chapter.

(i)            State dues are due and payable by due date set forth by State T.A.S.O. for the ensuing year.                       State dues are paid directly to the State organization. Any late fees are payable to them and                     the local chapter has no authority to collect State Dues.

Article XI Method of Selection of Officials

(a)          The Rio Grande Chapter TASO has adopted a system of selection based on the team concept.                    This system will consist of a five (5) or seven (7) member crews. Each team must be made up                   from the Rio Grande Chapter.

(b)          The method of selection can be changed only by majority vote of the regular membership                         present.

 (c)         Officials shall be selected on convenient date or dates prior to or during the season as                              determined by the Board of Directors. At the selection meetings any Board Member may be                      present. The Board may approve non Board members, if help is needed

 (d)         All schools serviced by the Rio Grande Chapter shall select officials on an equal basis;                              however, as each school reserves the right to agree on officials so has the official reserved the                right to agree to work at any school. Each officiating team shall make its own determination as                to its availability for game assignments.

 (e)        Replacement of Officials

             (1)          Notify the referee of the official's team involved and present a list of eligible officials.

             (2)          The referee will select several acceptable eligible officials.

             (3)          Notify both coaches of these recommended officials and secure their agreement for                                    vacancy w           replacement.

              (4)         Notify the accepted official and the team referee involved. As commonsense dictates,                                 the Secretary will fill emergency vacancies as best he can.

              (5)         In case of a last minute emergency vacancy, the Varsity crew will consist of four                                           officials.

              (6)         Crews are set for the entire season. If a member quits a crew, he will not be eligible to                                be on another crew until the following season. He may petition the Board for the                                          second selection of officials, but the Board will have the final decision.

              (7)          Referees may remove a crew member without the approval of the Board. Officials may                              be removed for not being in good standing with the Chapter, his off the field demeanor,                              anything that reflects negative on him, the Crew, or the Chapter. The crew chief has                                    final decision.

              (8)         On sub-varsity games, members will pay a no show fee of $35, when he fails to notify                                assignor of his absence in advance. A no show could lead to a member not being in                                    good standing with the chapter.

              (9)          A member will pay $20.00 to the assignor for any game rejections when a member did                              not update calendar. If not paid, assignor my pull members assignments. This could                                  also lead to a member not being in good standing with the chapter.


Article XII Uniforms

Uniforms as prescribed by the constitution and by-laws of TASO shall be worn by members of Rio Grande Chapter TASO. This is to include the optional uniforms approved by the State TASO.

Article XIII Officiating Fees and Travel Allowance

Approved maximum UIL game fee schedule govern varsity game fees, travel and meal allowance. Sub-varsity fees are also mandated by UIL.  At all times Officials must be in compliance with HB 1204.

Article XIV Meetings

(a)          The meeting schedule shall be determined by the Board of Directors each year. This shall                           include date, time, and location.

(b)          All members must attend at least 80% of the Chapter's regularly scheduled meetings in order                 to work varsity football games during the ensuing year. Exceptions and excuses to this rule                       must be in writing and approved by the Board of Directors and are due by December 31st.

(c)          No member with more than 2 unexcused absences will be eligible to work varsity games the                     ensuing year. Excuses will be limited to sickness, injury, employment requirements, or death                     in the family. Excuses must be turned into the Chapter Secretary via email prior to next                             meeting.

 (d)         The secretary or his representative will be responsible for maintaining attendance and                               insuring that all members meet the 80% attendance requirement. If a member fails to comply                 with the 80% attendance rules, he will not be eligible to be considered for selection in the                         ensuing year.  Exceptions and excuses to this rule must be in writing and approved by the                         Board of Directors. To be a Member in good standing and eligible to vote or be eligible for the                   playoffs, a member must be in attendance to seven (7) meetings during the current year. Any                   two (2) or more point meeting may be substituted for a meeting missed. Exceptions and                             excuses to this rule must be in writing and approved by the Board of Directors.

(e)          A member will be allowed to substitute a two (2) point educational workshop and/or state                        convention for a regularly scheduled chapter meeting.

Article XV Vote and Quorum

Fifty percent of the regular membership of the Chapter and majority of the Board of Directors shall constitute a Quorum, but any member may move to adjourn a meeting. This section is for voting on actions that come up during the year.

Article XVI Administrative

(a)          Members who fail to comply with the provisions of the Constitution and By-Laws, either                            through negligence or for any reason within their control, or who fail to cooperate with the                        Officials and members of the Board of Directors shall, after due notice and hearing, at the                          discretion of the Board of Directors, have their dues forfeited and their membership canceled                  or be temporarily suspended or whatever other lesser actions are imposed at the discretion of                the Board of Directors.

(b)          Members who violate the provisions of the By-Laws, or fail to cooperate with the officers and                  the members of the Board of Directors in maintaining the purpose of the organization, its Code                of Ethics, and the established solicitation policy may, after due notice and hearing in                                  accordance with the TASO Ethics and Due Process Procedures, have their membership                              canceled.

(c)          For due cause, to be determined in accordance with the TASO Ethics and Due Process                                Procedures, a member who has failed or refused to cooperate with the with the Board or any                    person assigned by the Board, may have their membership canceled.

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