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April 1, 2023 - Last day to submit payment for local dues.

2024 RGV TASO Football Fee Schedule
Per the RGV TASO Chapter By-Laws, Article VI, the following fees are due by the official to the applicable assignor and/or the chapter NO LATER than February 1st of the subsequent year. Failure to pay the fee(s) by that time will result in a late charge being added to the fees owed.

Chapter and State Dues for Current and New Members, and Assignors Fees

2023 Sub-Varsity Football Assignors

Region I Assignor
Eddie Duran
956-640-7998 cel
956-6980869 work
Brownsville ISD:  Hanna HS, Porter HS, Rivera HS, Pace HS, Lopez HS, Veterans HS, Lucio MS, Besteiro MS, Garcia MS, Perkins MS, Oliveira MS, Faulk MS, Manzano MS, Stillman MS, Stell MS, Vela MS
St. Joseph HS, St. Joseph MS
Port Isabel HS, Port Isabel JH

Region II Assignor
Eddie Ramos

Harlingen CISD:  Harlingen High Harlingen South High, Cano 9th Grade High, Coakley MS, Gutierrez MS, Memorial MS, Vela MS, Vernon MS
Los Fresnos ISD:  Los Fresnos High, United 9th Grade High School
San Benito ISD:  San Benito High, Veterans Memorial 9th Grade Campus, Berta Cabaza MS, Miller Jordan MS, Riverside MS
nta Maria ISD:  Santa Maria HS, Santa Maria MS
Marine Military Academy High School

Region III Assignor
Jose Luis Cavazos

Raymondville ISD:  Raymondville High, Raymondville MS
Santa Rosa ISD:  Santa Rosa HS, Santa Rosa MS
Rio Hondo:  Rio Hondo HS, Rio Hondo MS
Lyford ISD:  Lyford HS, Lyford MS

Region IV Assignor
Paul Garza

Area:  Progreso ISD, Mercedes ISD, Weslaco ISD, Donna ISD, & La Feria ISD

Region V Assignor
Agapito Vargas

PSJA ISD:  PSJA HS, PSJA North HS, PSJA Memorial HS, PSJA Southwest HS, LBJ MS, Liberty MS, Escalante MS, Kennedy MS, Austin, MS, RYMS MS, Alamo MS, Audie Murphy MS
Valley View ISD:  Valley View HS, Valley View MS
Hidalgo ISD:  Hidalgo HS, Ida Dias MS

Region VI Assignor
Alex Montemayor

McAllen ISD:  Rowe HS, McAllen HS, Memorial HS, De Leon MS, Cathey MS, Fossum MS, Brown MS, Travis MS, Morris MS
Mission ISD:  Mission High, Mission Vets HS, Alton Memorial MS, Salinas MS, Mission MS, Cantu MS, K-White MS
Sharyland ISD:  Sharyland HS, Sharyland Pioneer HS, Shary North MS, BL Gray MS

Region VII Assignor
Adrian Clark
Rio Grande City CISD:  Rio HS, Grulla HS Ringgold MS, Veterans MS, Grulla MS
Roma ISD:  Roma HS, Roma MS, Ramiro Barrera MS

Isaac Garcia
La Joya ISD:  La Joya HS, Palmview HS, Juarez Lincoln HS

Region VIII Assignor
Fernie De La Garza
Area:  Edinburg CISD, Ed Couch Elsa, Monte Alto, & La Villa

Region IX Assignor
Guillermo Gonzalez

United ISD:  United HS, Alexander HS, United South HS, LBJ HS, Bruni Vergara MS, Clark MS, Elias Herrera MS, Garcia MS, Gonzalez MS, Los Obispos MS, Raul Perales MS, Ricardo Molina MS Trautmann MS, United MS, United South MS, Washington MS
Laredo ISD:  Martin HS, Nixon HS, Cigarroa HS, Cigarroa MS, Louis J Christen MS, Lamar MS, Memorial MS

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