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Members of the Rio Grande Football Chapter,

Last year was definitely a season filled with much adversity to overcome, however, the resiliency of the chapter leadership and our members were without a doubt the reason we were able to have a successful season.  Moving forward, I am honored to represent the Rio Grande Football Chapter as your President.

As we have in years past, our focus will continue to be the training and development of our members but with new techniques.  We have learned how to utilize our technology to aide in facilitating the education to our organization.  This should be helpful in the recruitment as well as the retention of new and current members.

We will continue to service the Rio Grande Valley and Laredo with the finest officials who strive for nothing short of greatness.  The passion and commitment shown by everyone in this membership is greatly appreciated and I look forward to what this new season brings.

Thank you and God Bless, 

Mark A. Minton

Rio Grande TASO Football

Chapter President

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